Piastri: McLaren upgrade schedule 'fair' to both drivers


Oscar Piastri says he understands why Lando Norris, as McLaren's senior driver, benefits first from the team's upgrades, and insists the programme overall is "fair" to both drivers.

McLaren deployed its 2023 development programme in earnest at the Austrian Grand Prix, and upgrades have since followed at a healthy pace.

However, with components in limited supply upon their introduction, the team has logically chosen, in most cases, to give Norris priority given his senior status and level of experience, not to mention his higher position in F1's driver standings.

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella explained his approach to assigning a package to a specific driver and the inevitable human factor that is taken into account.

"One important point is that at McLaren, we are in a position to have this conversation with serenity and both Oscar and Lando understand that the team has priority," he explained.

"We discussed priority after Monza in relation to the upgrades that it is important we deliver the best performance as soon as possible. It would make no sense to leave these kinds of developments in the garage when you in a position to make the car a few tenths quicker.

"This is very sensible, and even if you generate some frustration, I think everyone is mature enough, and enough of a team player to understand that this is the right thing to do."

Indeed, Piastri played down McLaren's decision to give Norris priority and insists all is fair within the team.

"Of course it would be great if we could both have it, but I completely understand why Lando gets them," Piastri told the media at Suzuka recently.

"But in saying that, we try and keep it as fair as we can.

"At Zandvoort, I had the new rear-wing first so [it's important] that it is not all one-sided."

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