Hamilton intrigues Leclerc with car analysis skills

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Charles Leclerc has revealed how a conversation with Lewis Hamilton after last October’s Mexican Grand Prix left him puzzled, with Red Bull’s dominant RB19 car at the centre of their discussion.

After the round of racing at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, where Max Verstappen conquered his 51st career win in Formula 1, with Hamilton and Leclerc completing the podium, the Mercedes driver told his Ferrari counterpart that he could see where the Dutchman’s car was stronger simply by following him.

However, Leclerc confessed that he couldn't understand how Hamilton could notice such minute details with such clarity.

“I spoke to Lewis after Mexico, where he told me that he can see exactly where Max's car is better,” the Monegasque explained.

“Maybe that's true for him, but I have to tell you that I can't possibly recognise the details.

“We're talking about differences of millimetres in ground clearance or suspension travel. You can of course see whether a car has softer or harder suspension and at which points it gains time on you.

“I prefer to look at the footage from the on-board cameras. You can see from the driver's helmet what the car does and doesn't do on the track.”

Verstappen's dominance was unparalleled this year, the Red Bull driver securing his third Formula 1 world championship with a seemingly effortless campaign.

The team’s RB19, a true marvel of engineering, cemented its place in Formula One history as one of the most formidable cars ever built.

But despite the RB19's supremacy, Leclerc insisted that Verstappen's journey to the title was not as smooth and straightforward as it seemed from the outside.

“That would be very unfair,” said the Scuderia charger. “Of course, he's in a comfortable position today, but he had to put in a lot of work to get there.

“And they've simply done a good job to get to where they are now. I respect that. Now we have to do an equally good job to catch up with them.”

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