Perez: Mercedes-Hamilton dynamics will be 'interesting to watch'


Red Bull's Sergio Perez predicts "interesting dynamics" arising from Lewis Hamilton’s monumental transfer to Ferrari, hinting at the potential knowledge the Mercedes might bring to the Scuderia.

Hamilton's 11-year reign at Mercedes has undoubtedly made him privy to the team's intricate inner workings and technical advancements.

It’s likely the seven-time world champion will be progressively phased out of briefings and development meetings, but his deep understanding of the Silver Arrows could prove invaluable to Ferrari, their historical rival.

This potential knowledge transfer adds a layer of intrigue to an already captivating narrative.

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“The dynamics are going to be interesting to watch from the outside,” Perez told the media at Red Bull’s launch last week.

“Having a driver that is moving things, we all know how jealous the teams are on sharing information. Because Lewis has been many years there, I think he will be taking a lot of knowledge to another team.

“So that will be some interesting dynamics to watch from the outside.”

The domino effect of Hamilton's move doesn't stop at Ferrari. His departure throws open a coveted seat at Mercedes, setting the driver market ablaze.

Perez, whose Red Bull contract expires conveniently at the end of 2024, will obviously be attentive to developments.

Like several of his colleagues, Perez will be meticulously watching Mercedes’ communications, analyzing every whisper and public statement for clues about whether the Silver Arrows might turn their gaze towards him.

But the Mexican will be first and foremost focused on his own performance, and “having a great year”.

“I’m sure that most of the drivers are going to be willing to get things done a lot earlier in the year, but it’s just the approach you have,” Perez commented.

“From my side, I’m just focusing on having a great year. As long as you are performing on track, the rest always comes in play.

“So I’m not really bothered about it. It’s my fourth season in F1, so for me my main target is keeping it well on track.”

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