Rosberg wary over planned 2017 technical changes

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Nico Rosberg has sided with those in the Formula 1 paddock who fear that the sport is heading in the wrong direction with the proposed 2017 technical specification changes.

Rosberg, who has won the first two races of the 2016 season, has said that he fears overtaking will become even more difficult next season with the introduction of wider rear tyres and increased downforce, which he believes could make it even harder for drivers to close up and pass rivals on track.

"I'm concerned about the fact that we are trying to make the racing more exciting and so I am worried that it is the wrong direction," Rosberg admitted.

"We know that to go quicker we need more downforce which is what we are aiming for, and with more downforce it is more difficult to follow other cars.

"We know that, that is a fact," he added. "I'm worried that it is not the right direction."

However, his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton said earlier in the week that he would welcome change in the sport, following what he saw as a less-than-thrilling Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend.

"Things could be better," Hamilton said. "We should be pushing flat out the whole race. If the car is damaged that is different but we should be pushing the whole race.

"I guarantee Nico wasn’t pushing from lap 10 and Kimi 15 laps to the end Kimi wasn’t pushing either. We should all be a lot closer, there shouldn’t be an 80-second gap between 1st and 7th. We should be within 10 or 15 seconds. You [shouldn't be able to] afford to slip up."

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