Andretti Global planning F2 and F3 teams to foster talent pipeline

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Andretti Global is forging ahead with its F1 ambitions, but the American outfit is also planning a comprehensive assault across multiple junior single-seater categories to feed its own talent pool.

On Wednesday, Andretti showcased its latest commitment to its F1 project when it celebrated the opening of its UK racing hub located at Silverstone Park.

The 48,000 square foot facility is set to house the team’s F1 operations, while its Formula E outfit is also expected to sit under the same roof in the future.

However, Andretti's sights are set on an even larger, adjacent building to accommodate a grand vision that includes plans to establish FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams on the site.

"This is going to be mainly for F1, these two facilities,” said Michael Andretti, quoted by Autosport. “But we also want to bring in our Formula E team and start integrating it here.

“Our goal is to have an F3/F2 team to help support the F1 team, and then maybe even a WEC team. So we want to make this our hub for the European racing. So a lot of a lot of cool plans in this area.”

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While nurturing American talent is a key objective for the junior programs, Andretti emphasized that they won't be limited to drivers from the US.

This strategic move will not only help cultivate the next generation of American F1 stars but also establish Andretti Global as a major force in European motorsport.

"It's not just American drivers, but it'll be a good ladder for American drivers,” Andretti added. “We're going to still be looking for the best talent in the world.

“But it's going to give an American driver a fair chance, because normally when an American comes over here, they're not treated the same.

“Here in our team, you're going to be treated fairly, all the way up through the system and plus for us, we'll then be able to really tell the talent, how real it is or not.

“Because a lot of times you don't know, some father might be paying for 200 days of testing and things like that to make their kid look good! So here we'll know what we have.”

Although the FIA has given Andretti a clean bill of health to join the grid, Formula 1 itself has rejected the team’s entry for 2026 while keeping the door open, conditionally, for 2028.

Michael Andretti said on Wednesday that discussions are continuing with Formula One Management to convince the latter to reverse its decision.

Andretti’s F2 and F3 plans are therefore contingent on the team receiving a green light from FOM.


“It is going to be linked to finalising the F1 piece of it,” commented Andretti Global co-owner Dan Towriss.

“But development of drivers has always been a hallmark of Michael's, eyeing talent. It's something that's very important to him.

“So whatever series we're in, there's going to be a development series that is creating the drivers of the future.

“We're very excited about the Wheldon boys [the sons of the late Dan Wheldon] right now that we've been bringing along. And about the time we get an F3 team, young Sebastian is going to be ready for it."

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