Adam Norris sets next big target after son’s Miami maiden win


Lando Norris clinched his first-ever Grand Prix victory in Miami last weekend, but Adam Norris already has his sights on his son’s next goal ahead.

Norris’ maiden F1 win wasn't just a moment of personal triumph for the McLaren driver, it was a culmination of years of dedication and shared dreams.

While Lando celebrated on the podium, the 24-year-old’s parents watched on from their home in England. Though miles separated father and son last Sunday, the joy was palpable and the emotional connection was undeniable.

The historic win marked a significant milestone for both Norrises. Having joined the Formula 1 grid with McLaren in 2019, Lando had persevered through over a hundred races before finally reaching the coveted top step.

For Adam, it was a proud moment that resonated far beyond the single race. It represented the successful journey of countless hours of support, sacrifice, and unwavering belief they had shared as a father-and-son team.

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“[It’s] been a long time coming – I think everyone is saying it! No, it’s been amazing, you’ve seen 110 [Grands Prix] but I was working it out, it’s probably about 900 races I’ve been to over the last 16 years, it’s been a long time but it’s there, we got there," he told Sky Sports.

“It’s beautiful, the other dads – I’ve just had Lewis’s dad give me a text – we’ve been through a lot and it’s interesting knowing the other parents, how many hours you put in supporting them.

“I counted out 350 weekends away, and then all the other races on those weekends but it’s brilliant, I love it. I’m so happy for him.”

Norris put in a flawless performance in Miami which, coupled with McLaren’s equally impeccable execution, enabled the Briton to dominate the field in the second part of the race.

On his cool-down lap, the day’s winner expressed his gratitude to his McLaren team and then promptly acknowledged his parents over the radio before he then dedicated his triumph to his Grandmother.

Since joining McLaren in 2019 and pledging his long-term loyalty to the Woking team, Norris has relentlessly chased his first win.

He came agonizingly close in Sochi 2021, leading the race comfortably until a late downpour threw a wrench in his plans. A strategic misstep then snatched victory away, leaving him heartbroken but determined.

“It takes a long time, everyone thinks it’s an overnight thing but it’s a long journey,” added Norris Snr who has already put his son’s next target in his line of sight.

“It’s just the pleasantness of getting there when at one point you think it is so far off. When you start out you think 'will I ever get to Formula 1?'

“When you get to Formula 1 you think 'will I ever win a race?' So it’s good – amazing.

“People don’t realise - there are a lot of bad days along with the good days and it’s about five years in you think 'this is it, it’s too much, too many weekends away from home, away from your family', but it makes it all worth it.

“But he’s got one more thing now hasn’t he – world champion!”

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