Stroll: Qualifying performance shows true measure against Alonso

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Points are the ultimate currency in Formula 1, but Lance Stroll believes a different metric paints a more accurate picture this season of his performance against his Aston Martin teammate Fernando Alonso.

Last year, Alonso dominated the pair’s internal battle, the two-time world champion outscoring Stroll by a staggering 206 points to 74.

So far this year, the gap remains significant, with the Spaniard currently leading 33 points to 11 after eight races.

However, Stroll suggests that the raw points don't tell the whole story. This season, they've been remarkably even in qualifying, each out-qualifying the other four times.

For Stroll, this head-to-head battle on Saturdays is a truer reflection of their relative pace.

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“He’s a two-time world champion and people see him as a top driver in Formula 1 and it’s four-four in quali,” Stroll told The Canadian Press ahead of his home race in Montreal this weekend.

“The points are a little bit deceiving because sometimes one guy can have an engine failure. That sometimes differentiates the points at the end of the season.”

Stroll's overall tenure in F1 has been met with mixed reviews and the 25-year-old is likely eager to defend his track record with the best statistic that he can get his hands.

While some see him as a talented driver who has steadily improved, others point to a lack of consistency and podium finishes compared to other drivers with similar experience.

There's no denying that Stroll benefits from a unique situation, being the son of Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll. This undoubtedly grants him a level of security within the team that other drivers might not enjoy.

Regardless, the Canadian feels that his form this season has been trending upward.

“I look at my last few weekends, and I think they’ve been strong,” he said.

“When I look at pace right now, and speed, like I said, four-four in quali. People say he’s super-good and I beat him the last few weekends, so take it as you want.”

Unfazed by criticism, Stroll says he’s fully committed to Aston Martin’s project and would not really be interested in driving for another.

“We’re on a super exciting trajectory and project as Aston Martin,” he said.

“I’m much more excited to be part of this journey than just going to another team to say that I could be driving somewhere else.”

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