Canadian GP promoter under fire from FIA after track invasion

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The FIA has taken a firm stance against a safety lapse during the Canadian GP, with the event’s promoter – Octane Racing Group – receiving a formal reprimand following a post-race track invasion by fans.

A significant number of fans breached security measures and entered the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at the end of Sunday’s Grand Prix before all cars had returned to parc ferme – their designated area after the race.

This posed a potential safety hazard for both drivers and spectators.

According to, similar track invasions have occurred in Montreal in recent years. However, the FIA has opted to take a stronger approach due to the recurring nature of the problem at several venues.

The stewards investigated the incident and found the Octane Racing Group in violation of Article 12.2.1.h of the International Sporting Code.

This article pertains to the promoter's responsibility to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place. In their judgment, the stewards concluded that security measures, personnel, or equipment were either inadequate or not properly enforced, leading to an unsafe environment.

The stewards judged that based on video evidence, "the security measures and/or security officers and/or equipment which were expected to be in place for the event were not either enforced or were not sufficient resulting in an unsafe environment for the spectators and drivers."

During the stewards' hearing, the promoter acknowledged shortcomings in their organization’s security protocols, despite increased resource allocation. They expressed their agreement that the incident was unacceptable and committed to a thorough investigation to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

“The Promoter candidly admitted that the safety measures in place did not achieve the goal to prevent spectators from entering the track,” the stewards noted.

“They concurred with the FIA Sporting Delegate and the Race Director report and agreed that this was an unacceptable situation.

“The Promoter stated, in mitigation, that they would conduct a thorough investigation and take steps to remediate in time for the next event in Canada.

“They also expressed their disappointment as they had already invested significant resources in improving the safety measures, but apparently this did not have the desired effect.”

The stewards have mandated the Octane Racing Group to submit a formal remediation plan to the FIA by September 30th. This plan must detail concrete actions they will take to prevent future track invasions.

Recognizing the seriousness of this incident, the stewards have also urged the FIA to conduct a wider investigation into safety and security protocols at all race tracks. This proactive approach aims to identify and address potential vulnerabilities across Formula One.

Finally, the stewards emphasized that any repeat offense will be met with a significant financial penalty.

Sunday’s track invasion in Montreal bears a resemblance to an incident that took place at the 2023 Australian GP. Just like in Canada, fans breached security at Albert Park in Melbourne after the race.

In response to that incident, the FIA took decisive action, banning the traditional post-race track walk for this year’s event.

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