Alonso: Time for Aston to ‘talk less and work harder’


A visibly frustrated Fernando Alonso didn't shy away from expressing his disappointment with Aston Martin's current form after the team’s lacklustre performance in Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Alonso finished his home race at the Circuit de Catalunya a lowly 12th after qualifying just one position ahead, a far cry from the competitive showing he aimed for.

This subdued result extends a frustrating period for the Spaniard, who has only managed points in one of the last four races.

The two-time world champion offered a frank assessment of Aston Martin’s current state of affairs.

"I am a little bit disappointed because we didn't score any point,” commented Alonso.

"We deserved not to score any point because we didn't have the pace the whole weekend.

"In the race, it was extremely difficult. When you slide so much in the corners, also you kill the tyres. So you have two problems.

"You don't have the pace, plus you have a lot of degradation. So all in all, it has been a very long race for us. We need to get better for us."

Blaming the AMR24's lack of downforce for Team Silverstone’s struggles, Alonso predicted continued difficulties in the upcoming races at Austria and Silverstone.

He emphasized the need for concrete action, urging the team to abandon promises of improvement and deliver tangible results on the track.


"It is frustrating but there's nothing you can do now so you start thinking in Austria immediately when you see the chequered flag and what you can do differently,” he said.

"But I think it's gonna be painful as well because it has some characteristics of Barcelona, with the long corners.

"It's going to be another tough weekend, also in Silverstone, arguably.

"We cannot get too frustrated. It's time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more. It's what we want to do."

Clearly dissatisfied with his team’s lack of progress, the 42-year-old F1 veteran said that he wants to see Aston’s upgrades translate to better results out on the track.

"I'm looking forward, but we've been upgrading the car a lot and we didn't deliver the results,” he said.

"So now it's also a matter of whatever we bring to the track, it does deliver what we expect and we start getting better and better.

"So as I said, we need to work hard, get better every race, but without too much talking or promising."

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