Marko urges Red Bull to focus on racing, not ‘trivial matters’


Helmut Marko says Red Bull cannot afford to let unnecessary internal conflicts disrupt its on-track performance at a point in time when unity and focus are required.

Tensions ignited inside the Milton Keynes-based outfit on Friday at the Austrian Grand Prix when Jos Verstappen accused Red Bull team boss Christian Horner of undermining his participation in this weekend’s ‘Legends Parade’.

Verstappen Snr was due to take part in the F1 show run at the Red Bull Ring onboard a 2012 Red Bull RB8 F1 car. But according to Max Verstappen's father, Horner allegedly intervened to restrict the latter's public exposure by putting an embargo on all pictures and video including Verstappen Snr.

The Dutchman’s comments predictably sparked a media frenzy and accusations of childish behavior.

"I am completely done with him. It looks like a kindergarten. I could have driven, but I pulled out,” Jos Verstappen told Dutch magazine Formule 1.

"I find this so childish of Horner. It says something about him, I think."

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In response, Horner denied any intervention, claiming his focus remained solely on Red Bull’s performance.

“You can't control everything in life,” he said. “I can't control relationships with drivers' fathers, but my focus is on the performance of our drivers and performance of our team. And that's where it will remain."


The internal friction comes at a crucial time for Red Bull, as they face an increasingly formidable challenge from McLaren, which led Marko to underscore the necessity of maintaining focus on the sport.

“We've actually decided to concentrate on the sporting side and have enough problems there to sort that out,” the Austrian told Servus TV.

“But I will say is that it [the argument] is a private matter between Jos and Christian, and [one] that shouldn't really take place at all about such trivial matters as a show run.”


Red Bull's early advantage has dwindled as McLaren consistently delivers strong results across various track conditions.

Marko's message is clear: the team's focus must remain on their racing efforts to stay ahead in the championship battle.

“We must and will concentrate fully on the sport,” he said. “We have a very strong opponent in McLaren.”

“The McLaren, at every track, with every temperature, with every type of tyre, is always fast straight away. So that will be a tough thing over the season.”

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