Todt unfazed by radio ban criticism

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FIA President Jean Todt is brushing off critics of F1's radio ban who were outspoken after last Sunday's European Grand Prix in Baku.

Lewis Hamilton voiced his opinion on the rules in no uncertain terms in Baku, claiming the restricted communication had prevented his team from instructing him on how to correct an engine setting change, thus depriving him of a better result and damaging the spectacle of the race for fans.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff echoed his driver's criticism, and urged Formula 1 to consider some changes to the current regulations.

Kimi Raikkonen was also unable to receive any guidance from Ferrari when confronted with an electronics problem during the race, something team boss Maurizio Arrivabene said was a "crazy situation".

Speaking at an FIA Sport conference in Turin, Todt was unconcerned by the teams' and drivers' remarks.

"We've always believed that we had to remove the so-called driver aids because it's fine, we can help drivers, we can do it on the road.

"But this was requested unanimously, it was asked to reduce all aids, all assistance given to drivers for the race and this is part of this approach."

Many within the F1 community believe the emphasis on the technical aspect of Grand Prix racing is now overwhelming, and that drivers need assistance in dealing with all the switches and buttons which control the processes of a modern F1 car.

"We can say maybe that the cars are too complicated," Todt added. "But we have just concluded a 24-hour race [at Le Mans] with cars that are more and more complicated.

"So it's up to the teams and the drivers to work so that there is a chance to offer the best possible performance."

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