Ex-McLaren boss Whitmarsh offers views on Formula 1

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Appearing at the FIA Sport Conference in Turin, former McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh has offered his views on Formula 1 and the future of motors sport.

Following an uncompetitive season, Whitmarsh was ousted from his position as team principal of McLaren, and replaced by his predecessor Ron Dennis in January 2014.

Since parting ways from his former employer, Whitmarsh has remained silent about Formula 1, but has been active as the CEO of the Ben Ainslie Racing America's Cup.

In Turin, the British manager emphasized how the world of competitive sailing was looking outside its own world as a way to improve innovation and integrity in its own field of expertise,  an approach which Whitmarsh believed  often lacked in motor sport.

"I was humbled by how excited people appeared to be willing to learn about Formula 1 and learn from Formula 1," he said.

" Sometimes we don’t always have that humility in motor racing to learn from other environments.

"I was also struck by a lot of conversations where people talked about the integrity of the sport and again, sometimes maybe the clamour for money or other things in motor racing, we lose that a little bit.

"It’s a fantastic sport – I was lucky enough to spend 25 years in motor racing and loved, not every minute, but nearly every minute of that 25 years.

"It’s such a vibrant environment but I think sometimes we could learn from other sectors, we could learn from other environments and have a bit more humility and think about the integrity of racing."

Whitmarsh also underlined F1's current technical prowess and its efficiency which is often overlooked as most focus on speed.

"People talk about speed, and speed is very important in life and in all sorts of different industrial environments. Speed is important, but you don’t get speed without efficiency.

"I think that it is often overlooked just how efficient Formula 1 cars are – how efficient they are at producing power, how efficient they are in creating grip and it’s that drive for efficiency that is so relevant to all sorts of walks of life and challenges outside of motor racing."

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