Palmer lashes out at top teams for spoiling Q1

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Jolyon Palmer believes that top teams such as Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull sometimes spoil the efforts of smaller outfits to extract themselves from the Q1 qualifying session.

Palmer who has endured a difficult maiden season in F1, and only succeeded once - in Australia - in accessing Q2, blamed Lewis Hamilton and yellow flags for the Renault driver's lost opportunity in qualifying last Saturday in Baku.

"It's just frustrating, because he's clearly got the pace to get through Q1," Palmer explained to Autosport. "Yet he's still causing yellow flags for us when we're trying to do our best in the only session we get."

While Palmer isn't suggesting that front runners coast their way to Q2, he felt the Hamilton case was something that repeats itself all too often in qualifying.

"In Q1, some of the top teams relax and it's like a practice session for them. But for us it's our entire session. So if they're causing yellow flags on two of our four laps it's quite painful for us.

"They can do a lap that's a second off what's possible for them and still get through."

Palmer also criticized the rules linked with DRS activation points, saying they should be reviewed and made less stringent.

"It was quite stupid because if there's a yellow flag in Turn 3 you don't get DRS into Turn 1, and clearly there's no hazard at Turn 1 if somebody's well off the runoff in Turn 3 or 4."

"They need to look at that again. There's only one detection and activation point.

"And sometimes the yellow flags aren't out for very long - if, say, somebody turns round in the runoff and carries on."

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