Drivers should vote on 'halo' safety device - Sainz

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Carlos Sainz believes the introduction of the 'halo' cockpit safety protection device should be put to a formal driver vote, and its outcome taken into account by the FIA.

The 'halo', which was initially expected to be introduced  in 2017, was rejected recently by Formula 1's Strategy Group which not only opposed not only the timing of its introduction but also its definitive form, believing more analysis is necessary before the introduction of a mandatory device in 2018.

Sainz says it would only be 'common sense' for the drivers to also vote on the matter and have their say.

"I think that every driver should try it before 2017, then every driver should give their opinion and there should be a vote after running the Halo," Sainz suggested.

"This is the most common sense thing to do, even though in the end they probably won’t take into consideration our vote."

A range of opinions on the subject have been voiced by various drivers with some, such as Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, resolutely in favor while others such as Lewis Hamilton or Nico Hulkenberg either uncertain of the concept or decisively against it.

Sainz would have liked for the 'halo' to be tested and trialed over an entire season as an interim solution.

"Everyone took a decision to have a protection device in 2018 – doesn’t mean it will be a Halo, it means all the teams and the FIA will work to provide a safety component for 2018.

"But it probably means in 2017 we have nothing in the car, which opens the question of what happens if something happens in 2017.

"I think Halo [could’ve been] a solution for one year before they come up with something more advanced. But it’s clear for ’17 they cannot bring this.

"They want to bring it for ’18, but if something happens in ’17, you look back and say 'ah, maybe we should have left the Halo [on] for one year', before bringing on the nice-looking super-safe aspect for 2018 that they have promised.

"It’s a question mark we all have, hopefully it will not be like that and nothing will happen."

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