A physical and mental challenge - Grosjean

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Romain Grosjean heads to Singapore with his usual baggage of motivation and energy, and ready to do battle at a venue he appreciates but where his best result remains a 7th place finish achieved in 2012.

Like most of his colleagues, Grosjean underlines the Marina Bay street circuit's multiple challenges, not the least of which is the track's hot and humid environment which is susceptible to take its toll on any driver regardless of his level of form.

"It can be very physical," says the Haas driver. "All week we never see the sunlight, so that takes a bit of energy away. Then it’s humid, it’s hot and it’s always a long race.

"We usually reach the two-hour limit. It’s very, very demanding. I remember back in 2013, I lost four kilos (nine pounds) of water during the race, which is quite a lot.

"I think as long as you’re fit as you can be, that’s the most important thing. I cope pretty well with the heat, normally. I just get myself ready, jump in and go for it."

But the Frenchman also insists on the mental constraints imposed on drivers by the Marina Bay layout, which among other challenges, forces drivers to run close to the track's walls for  the majority of a lap.

"Mentally it’s very difficult. It’s clearly one of the races where you need to be at your fittest in the season.

"You pretty much have to hold your breath and hope for the best, especially when you’re pushing in qualifying, as you run so close to the walls.

"Most of the time there are walls in close proximity, but there are a few occasions on the track when you can use a bit more of the width than was perhaps first designed.

"But we love a challenge. That’s why we race in Formula 1 and that’s why we drive these cars and race at over 300kph. We love it."

Romain Grosjean is currently 13th in the drivers' standings, having last scored in Austria, while the Haas F1 Team , with a total of 28 points so far this season,  is currently eighth in the constructor's standings.

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