Has Mercedes 'trick' suspension just been exposed?

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There is no doubt that the Mercedes drivers enjoy the best power unit in the field, but they may also hugely benefit from an obscure device hidden inside the W07's chassis.

Germany's Auto, Motor und Sport claims that Mercedes exploits a hydraulic roll and height control system very similar to an active suspension concept, and not unlike the 'FRIC' system which was outlawed in 2014.

The system is apparently housed in the upper part of the chassis under the vanity panel which was introduced in 2012 to 'smooth' the optics of the typical step nose which was widespread back then.

Auto, Motor und Sport's correspondent Michael Schmidt believes that rival teams have debunked Mercedes' clever system and are pressuring the FIA to effectively close the loophole in the technical rule book which allows it.

"The other teams now recognise the trick and have put it on the agenda for the technical meeting on the Tuesday after Monza."

Schmidt also explained that an eventual ban of the system by the governing body would require unanimous consent from all the teams, including Mercedes, to change the regulations for 2017.

In the absence of such agreement, one would expect the teams to rapidly implement their own designs of the controversial system into their 2017 chassis.

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