Ecclestone: 'No management changes for F1'

Bernie Ecclestone
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Bernie Ecclestone is still Formula 1's supremo and there shall be no change to that status in the near-term if the 86-year-old has anything to say about.

Liberty Media's takeover of Grand Prix racing from current commercial holder CVC Capital ushered in a period of speculation regarding Bernie Ecclestone's future at the helm of the sport.

And Ross Brawn's comments last week about his interest in assuming a managerial role in F1 also led a few pundits to predict Bernie's imminent demise.

In a comprehensive interview with Formula 1's official website, the old fox denied any impending changes and insisted on telling F1 fans that the sport's current state of affairs was business as usual.

"Well, I can assure them that as far as the company is concerned it stays as it is - there will be no change," Ecclestone asserted.

"There can be different shareholders - and the shareholders that are now coming on board are probably going to be more commercial than CVC were. That is about it."

Ecclestone explained that the commercial agreements in place between the teams and F1's owners shall prevail until the end of the current Concorde Agreement.

"We have an agreement with the teams - and that will stay as it is. And there will be the usual discussions for the renewal of the agreement with the teams. It is a commercial agreement. Let’s see what happens."

When questioned about teams weigh on the running of F1, especially on the technical front, Ecclestone suggested a reduced voice may eventually be necessary.

"That has nothing to do with the Concorde Agreement, but with the Strategy Group which I put together to make sure that they were represented.

"But the trouble now is that it is probably loading a little bit too much. People that supply the engines have customers that don’t want to argue with the supplier, so it’s not too democratic. It’s a bit loaded the wrong way."

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