Red Bull appeals for rigorous track limits

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Both Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo believe Formula 1 should provide better deterrents destined to prevent drivers from exceeding track limits.

Modern F1 circuits offer spacious asphalt or grass run-off areas which drivers often transgress without incurring a harsh enough penalty, or indeed no penalty at all as Lewis Hamilton demonstrated in Mexico last weekend.

The absence in most cases of immediate consequences for a driver exceeding track limits has often left drivers and spectators alike confused, with punishment left to the discretion of stewards, and sometimes creating  a sense of double standard after the fact.

Indeed, while Hamilton's run-off went without reprimand in Mexico, Max Verstappen was handed a five-second penalty for a similar wrongdoing.

"I'm a fan of gravel traps, and stuff like that, because it is a proper deterrent," said Ricciardo.

"Even if you get through the gravel trap, still at some good speed and you maybe don't lose a whole lot of time, you have still got stuff in your radiators or stones on your tyres, so there is more of a penalty.

"I don't like how a driver can defend, lock up, make a mistake while defending, and then cut through and continue. The first corner with Lewis, I didn't think that was right."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner echoed his drivers' view.

"There is an argument for a gravel trap because then if you end up in the gravel you either lose an enormous amount of time, or you are out of the race.

"It's something that should be looked at for corners such as Turn 1 [in Mexico] to see if gravel is a better deterrent than large Tarmac run-off areas.

"It remains too open to interpretation because why was Max's move any different to Lewis at the chicane in Monte Carlo, or Lewis in Mexico?

"You are leaving it constantly up to the stewards' interpretation on individual events, but if there is a gravel trap there then you pay the price. It's simple."


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