Kvyat: Red Bull in survival mode over engine situation

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Daniil Kvyat admits Red Bull is in survival mode over its engine situation with the Milton Keynes-based team using a third ICE on the Russian’s Renault-powered car during this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The 20-year-old progress has been blighted by poor reliability so far this year after a gearbox issue prevented him from starting the race in Melbourne and an ICE failure curtailed his efforts in China last Sunday.

Kvyat’s Friday at Sakhir was devoid of any drama as the Toro Rosso graduate set the ninth fastest time in both free practice sessions, racking up 40 laps along the way.

Although Kvyat admits being on his third internal combustion engine is not comfortable, the 2013 GP3 Series champion says Red Bull has no choice but to deal with the situation and face penalties later in the season.

“It’s not great but we have what we have so we just stick to this,” said Kvyat. “We… we survive. But it’s going to be hard of course.

“(Penalties are) going to happen, that’s for sure. But when and where, it’s hard to predict.”

Asked whether his first two ICEs could be used again this year, Kvyat remains unsure of the answer but also decides to take the whole situation in his stride.

“It looks like if we are changing them usually it’s not looking great. But who knows? Maybe they will resurrect. They will get alive again.

“Maybe (the Bahrain) engine will last the whole championship!”

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