Sargeant confident US fan support ‘will naturally come’

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Logan Sargeant believes his fan-base in the United States will eventually increase as he improves his results ad track record in Formula 1.

Sargeant earned his promotion to F1 with Williams on merit on the back of his performances during his single season in the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2022.

But overall, it was a difficult rookie campaign for the 23-year-old from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whose results suffered from a lack of consistency and from several costly mistakes.

However, as everyone deserves a second chance, Williams has opted to give Sargeant a second season among motorsport’s elite.

It will be an opportunity for the young American not only to boost his skills and talent but also his recognition in his home country.

Sky F1 pundit and fellow American racer Danica Patrick believes that Sargeant’s lack of familiarity among American fans stems from his decision to pursue his racing career in the junior ranks primarily in Europe.

But Sargeant reckons that his increasing visibility as a Grand Prix driver will translate into greater recognition and support from American fans. He also defended his decision to learn his trade on the European scene.

“I think the simple fact around it is it should be appreciated, the fact that I put in the hard yards that almost no one will put in because of the sacrifice it takes,” Sargeant told RACER.

“And at the end of the day, if there isn’t the support there now then I will get it eventually — there is no doubt about that as I keep improving, it’s just naturally going to come.

“But you don’t get to F1 without putting in the hard yards — moving to Europe, putting in the work — and ultimately, I was the only one that really did that. So that’s why I’m here and others aren’t.”

As his home race, this year’s Miami Grand Prix held a special significance, although the Floridian charger had little to show for his efforts at the end of the day.

But beyond the Sunshine State, Sargeant notched his first F1 championship point at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin in October while he achieved a career best in qualifying in Las Vegas where he lined up an impressive sixth on the grid.

“From what I heard from the outside there were plenty of cheers, so that’s really cool,” he said.

“And like I said, whether they know me now or they don’t, as I keep moving forward, as I keep progressing, as I keep putting in better results, it will grow naturally and I will eventually get 100% of that support.”

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