If you need something done, do it yourself...

Cosworth co-founder Mike Costin believed traction was in short supply in F1 following the widespread adoption of his company's legendary Ford DFV engine in the late sixties.

To make the most of the powerful unit, Costin suggested to teams that they should consider four-wheel drive designs, but the British engineer actually went his own way with the idea in late 1968, with the help of a young designer by the name of Robin Herd.

Unfortunately, the striking-looking but ungracious and heavy Cosworth 4WD, which looked like something from outer-space, was a handful from the get-go, leaving its test drivers, including Costin himself, unimpressed.

The concept was quickly rendered obsolete with the advent of wings and spoilers in F1 which instantly cured teams' traction problems.

Keith Duckworth and Mike Costin eventually pulled the plug on the project. The Cosworth 4WD would never again turn a wheel in anger.