Sainz enjoys an outing with an oldie but a goldie


Ferraris are perhaps among the rare breed of cars that never get old.

Past and present generations rave over the aesthetics or the technological prowess of the House of Maranello's marvels, many of which are works of art in their own right.

As a distinguished member of the Scuderia, Carlos Sainz was offered an opportunity to travel half a century back in time this week when he enjoyed an outing at Fiorano onboard one of Ferrari's most iconic road cars: the Dino 246 GT.

The car's past success has bought it a special place in history, but perhaps the defining element of the graceful Berlinetta designed by Pininfarina's Aldo Brovarone is its name, chosen by Enzo Ferrari as a tribute to his beloved son Dino, who died of muscular dystrophy in Modena in 1956.

Sainz knows his Ferrari classics…