A special family tribute to Senna's eternal legacy

A massive shiny work of art dedicated to the great Ayrton Senna was unveiled this week at Sao Paulo's Autódromo José Carlos Pace.

The 3.5-meter-tall sculpture honours the memory of Brazil's favourite son as the country celebrates its 50th Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The impressive aluminium statue's creator had little trouble finding her inspiration as it was designed by none author that Lalalli Senna, the F1 legend's niece!

"This is a special tribute to Ayrton’s eternal legacy," explained Lalalli.

"[It’s design] was closely monitored by my mother, Viviane Senna, and my grandmother, Dona Neyde, so that we could have the most faithful portrait of my uncle as possible."

Interlagos was always going to be the natural home for the sculpture.

Senna was a two-time winner at the venue and it's a location where a maximum number of fans can enjoy the work's presence and pay tribute to the three-time F1 World Champion's outstanding legacy.