A warrior's crest: Alonso unleashes the Samurai within


Fernando Alonso is as fearless and brave as they come, as the Samurai symbol etched on his back reminds us.

As the formidable Japanese warrior, the two-time world champion, in his pursuit of racing glory, channels his inner strength to embrace every challenge with unwavering dedication and courage.

For next weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, in partnership with team sponsor Crypto.com's 'Born Brave' campaign, the Aston Martin charger will pay an additional homage to Japan's culture and heritage - and to the bravery of the Samurai warrior - with a special helmet livery dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun.

"Bravery is not just doing crazy things. It’s not just thinking that you go beyond the limit," asserts Alonso.

"Bravery is when you go into battle and there is not even one per cent of your head that thinks you will fail.

"You use that hunger and that competitive feeling that you have inside to really attack harder than before. It is the only way to find what is inside you and what will drive you to the best version of yourself."

Fernando Alonso, a true brave among the brave.