All of the 2015 F1 steering wheels



1 – DIFF: adjusts the settings of the differential; 2 – N (“Neutral”): puts the gearbox in neutral 3 – –10 / +1: changes #13 MULTI selections by increments of 1 or 10; 4 – RADIO: switches on the team radio so the driver can talk to his race engineer; 5 – BBAL (for brake balance): distributes the pressure between the front and the rear brakes, can also be adjusted with the #7 BB¬– and BB+ buttons; 6 – DRINK: activates the driver’s drink pump; 8 – REV: probably allows a temporary boost; 9 – FAIL: puts all systems into fail-safe mode, shutting down the engine; 10 – PIT (“Pit Limiter”): keeps the legal speed in the pit lane; 11 – TORQ : changes torque settings and delivery; 12 – PC (“Pit Confirm”) : confirms a message to the pit wall without the driver having to speak; 13 – MULTI : multifunctional rotary switch, controls less frequently used functions; 14 – TYRE : informs team of tyre choice and adjusts electronics accordingly; 15 – CHARGE: adjusts the level of ERS: the driver can either ‘fill’ the battery by turning the switch left or ‘drain’ it by turning the button right; 16 – FUEL: adjusts the air/fuel mix; 17 – CLUTCH: adjusts the clutch bite-point; 18 – MODE: changes the engine mapping