All of the 2015 F1 steering wheels

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Malaysian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Sepang, Malaysia


1 – DRS: activates the Drag Reduction System (DRS); 2 – BRKBAL (“Brake Balance”): distributes the pressure between the front and rear brakes; 3 – N (“Neutral”) : puts the car out of gear and in neutral 4 – BOX: used by the driver to confirm that he is coming to the pits at the end of the lap; 5 – OL: (unknown function) ; 6 – –10 / 1+ : increases or lowers the value for the selected option on the #13 middle rotary dial ; 7 – SOC (“State of Charge”) : Controls the ERS energy storage state of charge (generate or consume energy during the lap).; 8 – Toggle buttons to switch brake balance between programmed position and current BRKMAP rotary position; 9 – ACK (”Acknowledge”): Acknowledges changes in the driver default system; 10 – BBal– /+: adjusts brake balance offset by small steps; 11 – PREL (“Preload”): basic differential offset torque; 12 – MODE: Overwrites various multifunction rotary switch settings; 13 – Multifunction rotary switch: ENG (controls the limiter), MIX (controls the air/fuel mix), TURBO (controls the turbocharger), SPARK (controls the ignition), TYRE (selects tyre circumference), CLU (“Clutch”: controls clutch bite-point offset), etc. ; 14 – OIL: This button is used to transfer oil from auxiliary to main tank, in order to save the engine; 15 – SOS: signals for help; 16 – FUEL: controls fuels consumption; 17 – Multifunction rotary switch: DASH (dashboard selector), CC (“Cruise Control”, only for testing, deactivated during qualifying and the race), DWELL, VISCO, etc. ; 18 – BP (“Bite Point”) : activates the bite-point finder procedure; 19 – Pedal : changes the brake pedal settings; 20 – S1 : Special button programmed for special need, like a quick overwrite of various settings; 21 – R : switches on/off radio transmission; 22 – PL (“Pit Limiter”) : activates pit limiter to keep legal speed in the pit lane; 23 – Entry : differential, correction for corner entry setting.