Playing the joker: Sebastian Vettel


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Japanese Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Suzuka, Japan

SV: "It was not my first time. I think my first time was probably after Malaysia. Yeah, I’m not a good singer so maybe I stop that now, since everyone has heard it."

JB: "I don’t think any of us are!"

SV: "Well, maybe Lewis is, I don’t know. It was obviously out of the moment, it was a special day on Saturday and Sunday so I was singing both days but I think it was more equally bad both days."

Vettel delivers a nod towards Hamilton's musical pursuits as he reflects on his singing after victory in Japan

NR: "No, not at all. Everything was perfect. No problems at all."

SV: "Were you low again? I’m joking. You can laugh as well. It was a joke, come on."

NR: "I’m smiling!"

Rosberg doesn’t enjoy Vettel’s reference to Mercedes’ tyre pressures in the Italian Grand Prix when he receives a question about pressures on Sunday afternoon. For the record, he was not smiling…