Technical analysis - Hockenheim

F1i’s Nicolas Carpentiers provides you with images and explanations of the technical concepts spotted and introduced before the summer break at Hockenheim.



The German Grand Prix saw Mercedes test a new spec of front heave unit, also known as the ‘third suspension element’ since the other two are basically the dampers connected to each wheel. By linking the left to the right wheel, it controls dive under braking (or more generally the pitch movement based on the downforce load), as well as the car’s ride height. While the Mercedes W07 is fitted with a hydraulic-only spring and inerter system, the Ferrari and Red Bull’s heave elements feature a coil spring.

In order to keep prying eyes away from the new element, which appears to be more compact and has lost its golden hue, the reigning Constructors’ champions hid it with a carbon cover. As reported by Autosport’s Craig Scarborough, it had already been sampled on Lewis Hamilton’s car at the Hungarian Grand Prix.