Between the lines

Jenson Button


The Question: To you all: you were talking about how the fans are passionate here and that means you are met at the airport and you get loads of presents from the fans. What was the most interesting, strange or different present you’ve ever got from a fan here in China?

What Jenson said:

JB: I don’t know about strange and interesting. The little badges are pretty cool. Have you seen the badges? They put like bear faces with... it’s panda (faces). That’s pretty cool. Apart from that it’s traditional things like chopsticks and fans and what have you. It’s great, I love coming here, lots of goodies to take back home.

What he might have meant:

JB: What the strangest gift? Crabs… You know the big hairy ones, they’re a real delicacy here – steamed and with a sauce of rice vinegar, sugar, and ginger to dip ’em in. Mmmmm tasty.