Pirelli's Mario Isola: 'It's all about allowing drivers to attack'

What can you tell us about the new 18 inch-tyres for 2021?

"If you consider that 13 inch-tyres have been used in F1 since 1960 or so, it is quite a big change!

"Together with that, we are also planning to remove blankets, which is another aspect to consider. Back in 2017, we faced a similar problem when the wider tyres were introduced. At first, we had to design these tyres without a test car before teams kindly provided us with one, otherwise, it would have been tricky.

"On top of that, we will have bigger cooperation with the teams. Thanks to their simulations, we have been able to develop a virtual model of tyre on which they could build their virtual car model for 2017.

"So I believe that we have to repeat this experience for 2021. But, for that to happen, we need a technical regulation telling us about the expected performances and characteristics of the 2021 cars. Then, we will need to go on track to validate the model.

"That’s why we are currently talking to the teams if they can give us a new car able to feed the tyres and start testing, ideally in September 2019."