Pirelli's Mario Isola: 'It's all about allowing drivers to attack'

Since 2011, what do you think has been Pirelli’s biggest contribution to F1?

"We’ve always had an open approach to F1. At the beginning, they were asking for high degradation tyres and we supplied them. Then, we realized that it was maybe a bit too much and we designed more solid ones.

"In 2014, the introduction of the hybrid powertrain had a different effect on the rear tyres with more torque. So, we had to design a new tyre as well. In 2017, F1 decided to change the size of the tyres and, once again, we did our job trough a very proactive and efficient collaboration with the teams, drivers and the FIA /FOM.

"Our goal has always been to supply the best product for the show as a championship. Sometimes, we have different requirements from different people and it's not easy to make everybody happy but if the championship is a success, it confirms that we has achieved our objective."