Ecclestone wishes to remember Schumacher as he was

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Bernie Ecclestone has not visited Michael Schumacher since the German's dreadful skiing accident at the end of 2013.

While the former seven-time World Champion remains out of the public eye as he continues a lengthy rehabilitation process from severe head injuries at his home in Gland, Lake Geneva, only family relatives and close friends have gained permission to visit the motor-racing legend.

In an interview published in F1 Racing, Formula 1's 84 year-old supremo reveals why he has not found the strength to visit Schumacher, and provides a rare glimpse into Ecclestone's compassion and humanity.

“I don’t want to see Michael like that,” he said after a long pause. “I remember Michael as he was. That is how I want to see Michael. If he comes back, that is how I want Michael to be.”

Michael Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm recently defended the highly guarded privacy surrounding the great champion's medical condition and the imposed news blackout on his health and condition.

"Michael always had strict rules that we worked out together," Kehm told Der Spiegel. "He kept his job strictly separately from the private side, and he never deviated from that. There was never a 'home story', and no journalist ever had his phone number."

Sabine Kehm also denounced incessant attempts by media or paparrazzi, under cover in the woods nearby or using low-flying drones, to desperately capture photos. "It is never relaxed, because this is a permanent load," confessed Kehm.

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