Stroll disappointed with first home qualifying effort

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As the first Canadian to compete in Formula 1 since Jacques Villeneuve, Lance Stroll certainly wasn't lacking in support from fans in Montreal.

But all the cheering in the world couldn't help get the 18-year-old get through to the second round. When it came to qualifying for the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix, Stroll was eliminated at the end of Q1. He will start this Sunday's race from 17th place on the grid.

"I think the decision not to pit for new tyres towards the end of Q1 had a bit to do with me not getting through," the Williams driver explained. "But it is too hard to say.

"We went out at the beginning and stayed on the same set of tyres the whole session," he continued. "I felt the grip was getting better, but I think the track was just improving.

"You can always look back afterwards and say we should have done this and we should have done that. But we are in the position we are in."

"It was a tricky session for Lance. He will be disappointed with his position for his first home race," agreed Paddy Lowe, Williams' chief technical officer.

"On an evolving track he wasn’t able to match the necessary pace needed at the time he needed to.

"It’s always a bit tricky to manage tyre temperatures in Canada, especially this year where the tyre temperature windows are particularly acute."

Despite the disappointment of qualifying, Stroll was upbeat about the prospect of competing in his first home Grand Prix event.

"Obviously, we are starting a little bit further back than we would want to, but it is a long race," he said. "Overtaking is possible and you never know what will happen.

"We have to stay focussed and positive," he concluded. "This is my first home Grand Prix, which is great - and I am aiming to enjoy it."

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