McLaren drivers predictably get grid penalties for Sunday

ยฉ XPB 

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne will likely to be handed a 15-place grid penalty following the replacement of engine components on each driver's Honda power unit.

The Japanese manufacturer, among many other issues, has struggled with the reliability of its MGU-H element.

Its subsequent change has also led to the fitting of a new turbocharger on each driver's engine for Baku, for the sixth time this season, a quota which automatically triggers a grid penalty.

"We have some penalties already to start the weekend, which is not ideal, but this is the situation we are in," Vandoorne said Thursday in Baku.ย 

"We will try to do our best, focus maybe a bit more on race runs and hopefully we can play a bit during the race.

"We are probably competing to start from the back of the grid."

In addition to a new MGU-H and turbocharger, Fernando Alonso's McLaren MCL32 ย will also receive a new internal combustion engine, its fourth of the season and last unit in its authorized allocation.

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