Silverstone retreat boosts London GP chances - Horner

British GP Sunday
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Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner believes  that Silverstone's decision to trigger the break clause of its British GP contract only boosts the chances of an F1 race on the streets of London.

Horner says he was "amazed" by the BRDC's decision to end its deal with F1 in 2019, although it could renegotiate more favourable terms for keeping the British GP at its Silverstone venue.

The BRDC's move did not go down well with The Formula One Group who accused Silverstone of "posturing" only hours before a Live F1 demo event promoting the British GP kicks off in central London.

Horner wasn't impressed either with the BRDC's antics apparently.

"Silverstone is a wonderful track," said Horner, the first team boss to speak out on Silverstone's retreat.

"The teams and the drivers love driving there. Liberty has made a commitment that there will be a British Grand Prix.

"But with this London event happening tomorrow, if that was a success - which hopefully it should be - with the recent legislation changes that are happening in the City of London, one can imagine a London Grand Prix being pretty attractive to the Liberty guys.

"Silverstone needs to be a little bit careful how they handle themselves and negotiate, that they don't find themselves losing out. I am amazed that they have triggered their break clause."

The BRDC stated that it could no longer afford the terms of a contract signed in 2009, and which includes a 5% annual increase of the promoter's race fee.

But Horner says the owners of Silverstone should have shown better foresight when they agreed to the deal eight years ago.

"Silverstone signed a contract and they knew what they were entering at the time," insists Horner.

"They have now realised that they can't afford it despite having a full house every year. They either should not have signed it in the first place or they got their maths wrong."

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