Kubica 'won't be disappointed' if F1 drive doesn't happen

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Robert Kubica is keeping his F1 prospects in check despite his very successful return to the cockpit yesterday during testing in Budapest.

By all accounts, Kubica's performance was remarkable given his time spent away from the sport, let alone for a man who practically drives with just one arm following an injury sustained in a rally crash in 2011.

But the Pole is keeping both feet on the ground, and a realistic view on his chances of returning full-time to Grand Prix racing.

"I would like to have other opportunities but the reality is that I don't know and we'll have to wait and see." said Kubica.

"If we see where I was four months ago compared to where I am now, it is a big change and it happened very quickly.

"So I think if in three months I did improve a lot and moved forward quite a lot, everything can happen in the future. But we have to be realistic, nothing will be easy.

"My target is to get this kind of role in F1 if I can and if I will have a chance but I don't know.

"One thing is sure, if it doesn't happen, I will not be disappointed because I am looking at this situation very realistically."

Given the basic ability he displayed yesterday, it appears obvious that more time behind the wheel will only benefit Kubica. A idea he agrees with. 

If I get the chance to jump again in the car I will find it much easier, more familiar and it will come more naturally," he said.

"For a driver the best feeling you can have is everything comes so easily you don't think about it.

"But when everything if new you have to think about it and concentrate on things, keep analyzing why you are driving. Once I jumped out of the car [after four hours of running], I had a big break and I jump back at 2pm and I felt like a different driver.

"The car felt much more familiar and it's a good sign. A lot of people think you improve only by driving but you can improve also by thinking and thinking where you can improve.

"This is what happened and if I was driving again the next day I would have some idea where I can improve and everything will come easier and more natural which is the target."

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