Hulkenberg sees momentum building at Renault thanks to upgrades

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg has hailed Renault's latest upgrade package, believing the developments bring momentum and encouragement to the French outfit.

Renault's RS17 was outfitted with various new elements recently, with a new floor installed at the British Grand Prix the most significant update on the aerodynamic front.

The car's successful transformation brings a boost of performance and pace but also confirms the all-important correlation between the design department and race track.

"It is important. It is encouraging. It is everything," is how Hulkenberg labels the upgrade package.

"I’ve had that for many years as well: promise, promise, bring the update and it actually didn’t do anything. We tried to extract something and it was never there.

"Then I’ve had the last two years at Force India – it was always working as promised and a big step forward. Again now this year it seems the same.

"It is important also that the correlation is there, between CFD, wind tunnel and track, that it all works together. That is vital to clear developments."

Hulkenberg insists the benefits of a productive upgrade package don't just bring additional performance. There's also a spill-over effect on the team as a whole, according to the German.

"Of course you gain momentum if you have good performance," he says. "Naturally it supplies momentum and good vibes and positive feelings."

The next couple of races could provide a challenge for Renault however.

"After the summer break in Spa and Monza, they are two massive power tracks, so it might be a bit more tricky there," he admitted.

"But in terms of grip, balance, that sort of thing, I think we made a good step forward. It will be interesting to see, but that remains the ambition and the target this year, to push ourselves there."

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