Renault will play fair and square with its rivals - Abiteboul


Renault's Cyril Abiteoul admits the French outfit's hiring spree is "aggressive" but insists the manufacture will remain fair and loyal with its competitors.

Renault has come under heavy criticism from other F1 teams and the members of F1's Strategy Group for its hiring of former FIA delegate and tech chief Marcin Budkowski.

The news sparked outrage among team bosses, with six teams writing to the FIA and to the sport's commercial rights holder to voice their concern over a former FIA official, who was privy to sensible information just weeks ago, joining Renault.

Abiteboul would neither admit or deny Budkwoski's hiring but the Renault Sport F1 boss did address the manufacturer's aggressive hiring program.

"We want to be one of the top teams by 2020," Abiteboul told Sky F1.

"It is at one time far away, but given we know what needs to be done, if you look at the one-second – 1.5-second gap between the midfield and the top teams, it is a big jump.

"And that is why we need to be aggressive in what we do to be there by 2020."

Abiteboul made no excuses for his team's assertive approach, but insisted Renault would never intentionally breach the regulations and would always respect its rivals intellectual property.

"In this sport you are not here to make friends," added the Frenchman.

"Obviously there are ways to do things, and anything we do in terms of recruitment – not necessarily Marcin – we need to grow, Enstone needs badly to grow.

"When we took the place it was 475 people, it is now 620 people. There is no secret that those people need to come from somewhere, and we have to go chasing from some of the other teams."

"Renault has a very clear track record of being extremely fair and loyal.

"So whatever we will do, we will make sure that it is done in a very loyal way and a very fair way to our competitors."

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