Ricciardo tells us something we didn't know about Max Verstappen


In his latest driver column for Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo is asked to reveal something about his team mate that people don't know.

The Aussie kindly obliged, spilling the beans on Max's Sunday morning ritual and adding another secret tidbit on his former team mate Sebastian Vettel.

"Max … this is pretty funny," he says.

"In the Sunday morning strategy meetings, he sits with his head down towards the table. If you didn't know better you’d swear he was sleeping!

"You 100 per cent know he's taking it all in and listening to everything, it just looks like he's not!

"As for Seb, he is quite superstitious. He has a lucky charm that he wears in his suit or in his boots, I can't completely remember."

The Honey Badger also revealed that if he wasn't involved in motor racing, he would like for tennis to be his field of expertise.

"I've always enjoyed that one-on-one nature of it, and there's no bullshit in terms of the best guy wins the match.

"There's no blaming your racquet, your shoes, none of that. I love how there's a big playing arena compared to how little space the players take up in it, there's no helmets or armour, every facial expression is for the spectators to see.

"And I like how there can be such massive momentum swings and how that momentum can shift so quickly. It'd be amazing to have that level of talent to deliver under that much pressure."

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