Aston Martin CEO 'warming up' board to F1 involvement

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Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer says chances are improving for the legendary British marque to enter F1 as an engine supplier in 2021.

Red Bull Racing's commercial partner is keeping an eye on the sport as it develops and defines its future engine rules.

But Palmer insists that, along with the advent of a less-sophisticated power unit technology, costs will have to come down meaningfully for Aston Martin to enter Grand Prix racing.

"It moves from probably I wouldn't propose it to the board, to probably I would," he told the BBC.

"It moves into the realms of possibility and I need to take it to the board, and it is an arrogant CEO that contemplates what a board decision will be.

"Obviously I am taking my board on a journey. We discuss it every quarter and I am warming them up to the possibility."

Palmer is attentive to Liberty Media's management and development of F1, and he likes what he sees so far from the sport's new owners.

"The sport is certainly not about the driver in the way it used to be," he added.

"That would be my major point. [Are fans] being driven away by the engine?

"You can have the argument you don't have the engine sound you used to have, the unreliability of some of the engines, the grid penalties, which are really hard to understand.

"How do you get demoted 35 places on the grid which only has 20 cars on it? So there are some absurdities [that need addressing].

"Obviously there is a commercial reason for me doing it and a commercial reason for Red Bull doing it. But essentially our intentions align and it's fair to say we love the sport."

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