Stroll targets qualifying form as main area of improvement


Lance Stroll says he'll be focusing on his performance in qualifying in 2018, an area of particular weakness for the Canadian during his rookie year in F1.

The 19-year-old scored seven podium finishes in his maiden season with Williams, his best result coming in Azerbaijan where Stroll put in a flawless performance to finish on the podium.

While he finished just three points behind Felipe Massa in the championship standings, Stroll dramatically under-performed relative to his team mate in qualifying.

"Qualifying is not my strongest point," Stroll told

"I have had some tricky qualifying sessions but also some unlucky qualifying sessions like Suzuka, I had a red flag and got blocked so I don't count that.

"It hasn't been as strong as my race pace that's for sure because I'm still not where I want to be with the car and myself over one lap.

"I just feel like I'm still trying to understand the tyre, the car, and just get myself in the zone. But last time I checked, there is no reward for qualifying. Points are in the race.

"It's a big part of the weekend for sure, it helps you score points but I've scored points."

Williams tech boss Paddy Lowe believes the Canadian needs to get into action faster at the beginning of each qualifying segment, while Stroll reckons a better exploitation of his tyres would also greatly help his cause.

"In the race, I feel like I'm very good at that and then when I'm pushing for one lap and I'm trying to get the most out of myself and the car, I then find it's a big limitation and it's easy to go overboard and lose a load of lap time," he said.

"But I enjoy the challenge of the tyres, I think it makes good races, it allows strategy to unfold and all that.

"In the race, I really feel like I'm on top of everything, I'm really good at tyre management and I'm just really happy with the balance of the car in the race," he said.

"I feel like I can just control the race really well."

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