Power unit development rules relaxed for 2016

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Power unit manufacturers will face less development restrictions than originally planned in 2016 following a meeting with the FIA.

The FIA and the four power unit manufacturers - Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda - met in Geneva on Thursday and agreed to allow in-season power unit development next season rather than sticking to the previous homologation deadline of February 28.

Furthermore, it was agreed to allow the same level of power unit development as this season in 2016. As a result, manufacturers will have 32 tokens to spend throughout the year (which equates to 48% of the power unit) rather than the 25 (38%) which were originally planned.

The change will be welcome news to both Renault and Honda as they attempt to close the gap to the Mercedes and Ferrari power units. Previously, the manufacturers would have had to attempt to implement any improvements by February 28 2016 and have had no opportunity to make changes other than for reliability purposes. The relaxation of the regulations removes that time pressure.

Another regulation change which has been agreed by the power unit manufacturers relates to the supply of year-old engines. This year, Ferrari was permitted to supply Manor with a 2014-spec engine, but the FIA had moved to prevent such a deal next season. However, that decision has now been reversed, opening the door for Ferrari to supply Toro Rosso with 2015 power units next year.

All of the agreed changes will still need to be approved and ratified, first by the F1 Commission and then by the World Motor Sport Council.

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