Cost and logistics preclude Bahrain as pre-season venue - Steiner

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Haas' Guenther Steiner says swapping Barcelona for Bahrain as F1's venue for pre-season testing in the future would involve high costs and 'brutal' logistics.

Teams have been forced to deal with the unexpected vagaries of Barcelona's weather, marked by cold conditions, snow and rain.

Tuesday dawned white and wet at the Circuit de Catalunya, offering the prospect of little running over the course of the day.

Preliminary discussions among teams about extending the first week of pre-season testing were not fruitful, prompting thoughts over a change of venue in the future to guarantee appropriate conditions.

Singled out as the only realistic option, Bahrain would not get Steiner's stamp of approval however.

"The cost is one of the elements of going to Bahrain, it’s not easy, but also the logistics," said the Haas team principal.

"For example, for us, the first year we were here [in 2016], it was talked about going to Bahrain or Abu Dhabi. That would be a no-no if you are new and you need to fly something somewhere.

"You guys have no idea how much stuff is coming here every day for the car. It’s brutal.

"From England or from Italy, they put [components] in a van and they drive eight hours, they are here. We have people going up and down every day.

"If it’s in Bahrain… you need to get prepared, it’s the same for everybody. But the next thing is, some teams would put a jet on every night to go back and forward."

While teams touched on the eventuality of adding an extra day of running to the week, Steiner was never optimistic a unanimous consent would be reached.

"A few people tried to do something, but there was always from somewhere, ‘No.’ Can you imagine two of us agreeing on something, never mind 10?" he said.

"It needs to be unanimous, it would need to change something in the sporting regulations, we cannot just say we change something.

"I think the FIA would do it, but we need to apply for it. But if we can’t come to an agreement between us [teams], there’s no point getting the FIA involved."

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