Todt encourages expansion of F1 calendar and inclusion of new races


FIA president Jean Todt believes potential new races in Asia and in the US, as well as the possible return of the Argentine Grand Prix, offer promising prospects for F1.

Liberty Media, the sport's commercial rights holder, is determined to expand in the future F1's calendar beyond its current 21-race schedule.

Venues in Vietnam and Miami are ramping up discussions with The Formula One Group while promoters in Argentina are keen on bringing Grand Prix racing back to its historical site in Buenos Aires, an idea which sits well with the FIA president.

"We hear about some potential new race in Argentina, I would love to see a race in Argentina, as the country is very special in motorsport with Fangio and Reutemann they are heroes of motor racing in Argentina," Todt said.

"In Latin America Argentina is one of the best countries to host a Formula 1 race.

"Vietnam, I would be happy to have a new race in Asia, it is a developing country and to bring Formula 1 to developing countries would be very good. If we can put it all together then why not?"

Boosting F1's schedule appears inevitable in the long term, but in the short term Todt is delighted with the quality added to this year's programme thanks to the renewed presence of the French and German Grands Prix.

"At the moment we have 21 races and for many years we’ve had 19 to 20 races, then again at the moment there is speculation [for more]," he said.

"For me the good thing is not speculation, it is that we have the French Grand Prix which is back and we have the German Grand Prix which is back. The calendar looks very good."

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