Verstappen: 'Party mode ban would be unfair to Mercedes'


Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen would like nothing more than for all F1 engines to be equal, but admits a ban of Mercedes' special engine mode would be unfair to the German outfit.

Mercedes' ability to dial in a boost of power in qualifying, or activate its so-called 'party mode', has frustrated Red Bull's Christian Horner, who suggested that 'parc fermé' conditions apply to engine settings as well.

While Verstappen agrees with his boss, he also feels that Mercedes' advantage is a result of its superior engineering work, and the manufacturer should not be punished for haing done a better job than its rivals.

"I feel the same way," Verstappen said, in reference to Horner's comments.

"But at the same time, one must be honest and understand that Mercedes did the job better than everyone else. Why should they lose their advantage? That would not be fair.

"Otherwise, everyone should just use the same engine, and I don't think anyone wants that," he added.

But Verstappen said the FIA might consider a rule that, in future iterations of the engine regulations, makes 'party mode'-like settings difficult to use.

"But it should not be banned now, just because Mercedes is so competitive," he said.

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