Todt denies drivers not given a voice in rule changes


FIA president Jean Todt has rejected criticism from F1 drivers regretting their lack of involvement in the sport's rule-making process.

In Barcelona, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel denounced F1's rule changes for 2019, but specifically lamented a lack of driver consultation on the subject.

Todt however insists every driver had an opportunity to voice their opinion, and that his door is always open to whoever feels the need to discuss a specific matter.

"I do respect them and know how busy they can be and all that. But they have access," the Frenchman told the media in Barcelona.

"Unfortunately very often there is a meeting and they don’t come to the meeting.

"I have always tried to hear what the drivers were saying. The drivers are invited to participate, to do something."

Earlier this week, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton spoke out against the proposed street circuit layout associated with a potential Miami Grand Prix, questioning why drivers are never queried on track designs.

"If the drivers have some comments they are more than welcome," reiterated the FIA chief.

"Any driver who wants to see me, from the back of the grid to the top of the grid, will be able to see me within 48 hours."

Reverting back to next year's rule changes destined to improve overtaking and promote closer racing, Todt underscored the fact that drivers' incessant complaints about the difficulties in overtaking were partly what motivated a tweak of the regs.

"I read the press conference transcripts. Hamilton complained, Vettel complained, Raikkonen… they all complained. And they are in the front, so can you imagine at the back," he said.

"I read what you write. So I feel that if we understand that something is going wrong we should try to find a solution. We all say we want to have a better sport, a better show, so let’s do something."

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