Grosjean hopes to see more outings for 'camera glasses'

Romain Grosjean sports the new 'camera glasses' in Montreal
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Romain Grosjean got a try out a brand new piece of technology at the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend.

The Haas driver was asked to wear a pair of 'camera glasses' during his installation lap at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Friday morning.

Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly had previously been given the glasses to try out in Monaco.

The sturdy frames are fitted with a small camera to record genuine 'driver's eye' footage of what they see out on track and in the cockpit.

“When you see the images, you actually see the speed of the car, the work on the steering wheel, the vibrations," Grosjean told afterwards. "People can really experience what we do.

“Modern cameras are so good and stable that you do not even feel that there are vibrations on the track.

“Here you get to see much more," he said. "I really hope they are going to push something to put it in a helmet, or get more of that footage, because it’s awesome.

"This is going to be the best. The closest you can get. When you look at the footage and then you play the latest Formula 1 game, it’s pretty much the same.

But while he was a fan of the concept, Grosjean wasn't nearly so happy with the execution of the prototype frames he was trying out in Montreal.

“It was very painful,” Grosjean admitted. “The glasses are not comfy, and a bit big, but it’s a first test.

“They don’t fit very well in the helmet and you can really only use them for an installation lap.

“But I love the idea and that’s why I said yes - even though I was pushing like fudge to get them in!

“I think it’s our role [to help develop new technology],” he added. “It’s our sport. I love this sport, and if I can help in some way I would always say yes.

“We will look at other solutions," he added. "Perhaps mounted in the padding or on the helmet."

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