Brawn offers Force India the full support of Formula 1


F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn has insured Force India that The Formula One Group will do "all in its power" to ensure the survival of the Silverstone-based outfit.

Force India's administration proceedings are expected to lead to a change of ownership of the team, but a potential buy-out will likely depend on a unanimous agreement from the sport's teams allowing Force India's new owners to retain the pink outfit's 2018 stream of prize money and TV revenue.

Unfortunately, reports have emerged that Renault, Williams and McLaren are opposing that scheme, although their motive for doing so remains unclear.

Speaking in his post-race debrief, Brawn said Formula 1 was well in need of a summer break, insisting "this applies especially to those who work at Force India, which is going through a particularly difficult time at the moment".

The F1 manager then said that the commercial rights holder will offer its full support to the troubled outfit.

"Formula 1 will be doing all in its power to ensure the team survives and I truly hope that in the coming days and weeks its future is resolved," added Brawn.

"Over the past few years the Silverstone-based team has been an amazing example of what can be done with limited resources, showing that what you do and how you do it is much more important than the size of your budget."

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