Drivers beating down the doors at Haas for 2019 seat


Haas boss Guenther Steiner says many drivers are sending him their applications with the hope of securing a seat with the US outfit in 2019.

Haas is in the midst of a good campaign, its Ferrari-powered VF-18 car proving a top contender in Formula 1's midfield, with the American outfit sitting fifth in the Constructors' standing.

While there isn't much doubt about Kevin Magnussen's renewed presence in the team next year, with has likely to exercise its option on the Dane, Romain Grosjean's future is in doubt, and his seat is therefore generating significant interest.

"I wouldn’t say we are shopping around. A lot of people are shopping with us, put it this way," Steiner said.

"There are people asking for obvious reasons and they want to see what we are doing. If somebody is asking that doesn’t mean they want to come, in my opinion, they might just be asking to see what other people are doing.

"We will decide after the holiday what we are going to do, but at the moment we don’t think about it. There are a lot of people asking, and it is part of my job to know what is happening in the marketplace."

Formula 1's drivers markets still has a few slots to fill, but important ones as Ferrari and Renault have yet to enlist or confirm a second driver. The allocation of those seats will determine how the rest of the market falls into place, says Steiner.


"One of the first moves is to decide what Ferrari is going to do for the future, what Renault is going to do for the future, and then we small guys come in," Steiner said.

"I wouldn’t say we have to wait on their decisions, but that could trigger the market.

"I didn’t say that I want to decide after they do because maybe we have decided already without knowing what they are doing.

"I’m just saying them deciding will trigger the market because then we have the facts of what somebody is doing.

"It’s not just asking around and presuming then we have got facts. If someone announces something then we have actual facts to work with.

"At the moment everyone is staying the same, because no-one has done anything."

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