Red Bull goes Wild out West!

Daniel Ricciardo on tour across the United States.
© Red Bull Racing

Last week we brought you photos of Daniel Ricciardo's tour of popular landmarks in the United States from inside the cockpit of the Red Bull RB14.

Pictures are one thing, but here's the chance to see a special video created by the team showing some of the highlights of his once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Ricciardo started off in San Francisco, with a special crossing at speed of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the astonishment of early morning commuters. He even finds time to fine-tune his car's performance with a quick pit stop in the middle of the Bay Bridge.

After that he got to recreate the classic chase scene in the Steve McQueen film Bullett before heading off to Utah and a blast through Monument Valley which will be instantly recognisable to fans of classic Westerns such as The Searchers.

But it's clear that Daniel is particularly excited by the next stop on his travel itinerary, the legendary Sin City of Las Vegas located in the dry desert and searing heat of Nevada.

From the gleam in his eye, we're worried that the Aussie could be on his way to gamble away the keys to his company car!

Red Bull promises that there will be more to come as the next video follows his travels east across the US toward New Orleans and New York City. However we suspect that they won't be accompanying him all the way to his next stop at Enstone...

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